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znow family
version 1.3.1 Beta
Settings "waves" for Wota
- 09.sep.2014 -
version 1.0
Water drops
- 21.aug.2013 -
version 2.0
Desktop XMas Tree Constructor
- 12.dec.2011 -
version 1.1.1
- Bugfixing.
- 04.17.2009 -

Znow desktop decoration - 1.1.1

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Adds some small flying object on your desktop.


  • The Snow Fall.

  • Are you long for winter? Do you like snowfall? Or you like to watch blizzard in your window? Then the Znow Decor is for you. This program contains three kinds of snow.

  • The Rain.

  • The winter is so dreary? Or sun is so ardent? Wanna rain? Cool, fresh cloudburst is what you need!

  • Dream of Beer.

  • You are going to meet your friends at beer bar this evening. Oh, but so many hours you must work and wait for... Znow Beer Bubles relieve ypu wait time!

  • Smiles in air.

  • Your eyes are tired of hard work on you computer? Lets your computer do rest for your eyes! Just run Znow decoR with Hallucinations and see in center of screen for 3-5 minutes. Chaotically moving faces will divert your attention and tension of your eyes.

  • Fall of Fire.

  • Curtain of fire sparks from top of your desktop is successful addition for your rest time with cool tea.

  • Northen sky.

  • A bit of northen sky at top of your desktop.

  • Bengal lights.

  • Make from your mouse pointer beautiful bengal lights!

  • Color fishes.

  • Small fishes swim thru you screen.

  • Rest mode for people who work hard.

  • Rest mode allows you to plan your work time by simple scheme: work - rest - work - rest ... You can set work time period and rest time period. When work period is over, Znow locks all windows for rest time period and run current decoration scheme for rest period time... and then you just can sit and see on it...

Latest changes

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- Fail, when you unlock computer.
+ Optimization.

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