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Changes log.

Classification: [+] new [-] fix

- Fail, when you unlock computer.
+ Optimization.
- Few optimization.
- Scheme edit windows. Start position is saved not correctly after editing.
- Scheme parameters are not saved correctly after exit.
- Waste reducing. Drag'n'drop, click, mouse wheel leave next to nothing.
- Screensaver mode. The Znow is more responsable for keyboard and mouse now.
+ New scheme. Magic wand. Children will be happy to work with Windows with nice Magic Wand. This scheme draws only wnen mouse is moving or clicked.
+ New scheme. Salute. This scheme draws only wnen mouse is moving.
- Welding scheme. Works now only when you click mouse buttons. Be a real welder.
+ Rest mode. Znow will lock all windows for time, then you can(must) rest wrom your work
- Timeouts. Timers are more accurate
+ Visual effect. Darkening. Can use items own colors for.
+ System. Uninstall & clear settings.
+ System tray icon. Tooltip shows version and current Scheme.
+ New visual effect Pixelate. It draws screen by average color after items.
+ New visual effect Inverse. It draws screen by inversed colors from screen after items.
+ New visual effect Darkening. It mixes colors of screen and color which user choose after drawing items.
+ New visual effect Shift. It shifts original pixels within srceen after drawing.
+ New 2 schemas: Zleep and Zun lightZ.
+ Some optimizations.
- 'About...' Dialog. Rerawing error.
+ New design.
+ New Screensaver mode
- Fail within start by Run button.
+ New option. Portion of flying objects(5-100%%).
+ New option. Run at sturtup.
+ correct colors.
+ new Northen lights Scheme.

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