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Mouse Flying Indicator Tool -

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Gives you quick information about Time and Keyboard layout near mouse pointer.

  • 12 Current time.
    If you need see a clock quickly in your work time - use this tool to make clock indicators, which will be always near mouse pointer.
  • en Current selected language.
    If you are switching keyboard layout frequently, it tool will show you current keyboard layout and you don't need look at traybar.
  • EN Caps Lock key state.
    If flying Language Indicator draws letters in uppercase mode - it means the CapsLock is switched on.

EN Quick language info.
You'll safe your time if you work with different language at the same time.
EN Quick switching.
You can switch between keyboard layouts by mouse double click in your windows.

12 Quick Clock.
See Time in your sight quickly, near Mouse Pointer.

Latest changes

Classification: [+] new [-] fix

You can view full list of changes here.
- Memory leak in toolbars.
+ Language layer. Now you can switch between keyboard layouts quickly. Do it by mouse double click. To allow this feature, open Keyboard Layer settings dialog from toolbar
+ Clock Indicator Settings. Now this layers has settings. There is special button in toolbar for opening of Settings Dialog. You can set AM, PM and time delimiter.
+ Layer items. 'Off'-state, when Item not works, is storable now. This state will be restored, when you open Mouse Satellites again.
- Clock items settings. Did not work under Windows 2000.
- Dialogs. Some dialog did not work correctly with nonstandard DPI screen settings.

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