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Changes log.

Classification: [+] new [-] fix
- Memory leak in toolbars.
+ Language layer. Now you can switch between keyboard layouts quickly. Do it by mouse double click. To allow this feature, open Keyboard Layer settings dialog from toolbar
+ Clock Indicator Settings. Now this layers has settings. There is special button in toolbar for opening of Settings Dialog. You can set AM, PM and time delimiter.
+ Layer items. 'Off'-state, when Item not works, is storable now. This state will be restored, when you open Mouse Satellites again.
- Clock items settings. Did not work under Windows 2000.
- Dialogs. Some dialog did not work correctly with nonstandard DPI screen settings.
+ Clock Indicator Layer. 12-hours mode is available now from Item Settings dialog.
- Item font color. Fault with restoring saved item font color.
- Clock Indicator Layer. Fault with minutes and seconds has been fixed.
- Settings dialogs. Some design fixes.
+ Clock Indicator Layer. Now, you can see small clock near mouse pointer.
+ New design.
- Quit confirmation. When you select 'No', LangMouse will be closed, but whole application stay in memory.

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