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AltMove windows & mouse manager - Version 2.1.8

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Adds more functionality to your mouse for interacting with windows.

  • The moving.
    You can move windows and controls which do not support this ability.
  • The resizing.
    You can resize windows and controls which do not support this ability.
  • The hiding and restring.
    You can hide any window from desktop (to tray bar or completely) and restore it.
  • The opaque.
    You can change opaque of window.
  • The document work.
    You can assign key-mouse combination to standart menu items of different programs.
  • Start your programs.
    Use mouse to run your programs and open documants from evevrywhere.

  • The moving.

  • There is some windows, which have not a title bar, and you need use long key combination to became window in moving state. By AltMove you will do it by single dragging. Linux users find it like linux featured window dragging by key Alt and left mouse button (from this feature program get name).

  • The resizing

  • ... And there are more windows, which do not allow size them. For example: Visual Studio quick watch window:

    Here is a class with a lot of members and usually you need to see it all one time.
    Well. By one dragging you can size it to that:

  • Drag'n'Do feature.
  • This feature allows you do more by simple movings of pressed mouse. You can assign 8 actions to each key-mouse combination + dragging.

AltMove downloaden software archive.
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Latest changes

Classification: [+] new [-] fix

You can view full list of changes here.

- Windows 10.
- Some GUI fixes.
+ Program Run Action. When you press 'Setting' button and there is no program was selected in the action - AltMove failed.

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