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Changes log.

Classification: [+] new [-] fix

- Windows 10.
- Some GUI fixes.
+ Program Run Action. When you press 'Setting' button and there is no program was selected in the action - AltMove failed.
+ Drag'n'Do. You can choose colors and drawing styles now.
+ Drag'n'Do. New settings(Opaque speed).
+ Common settings. "Opaque" is applied when you close the dialog.
+ Common settings. "Topmost" is applied when you close the dialog.
- Actions list. Some view defects(XP) were fixed.
- Move, Resize and Screenshot Actions. Correct work with negative direction of screen, for example, when you use more than one monitor.
- Move Action. Correct restoring of window properties after Change Parent
- Hide'n'Show Action. Correct widnow icons detection.
- Size Action. Resizing didn't work properly.
- Size Action. When you release key, but keep mouse, resized window sticks to mouse.
- Actions list, renaming. 'Delete' key within renaming shows confirmation dialog 'Delete action?'.
- List of new actions. Resizig moves header of list.
- Hide'n'Show Action. Ecsaping of windows from tray.
- Settings. Settings storing on AltMove exit was repaired.
- Settings. Run with Windows was repaired.
- Support for non-96DPI.
- Program Run Action. Fail on exit, when no work items was created.
- Drag'n'Do. Suspended icons. When you activate Drag'n'Do Icons and press some control keys, then Icons become suspended.
- Main window. When main window is hiding, it is not hidden completly.
- System Menu Action. Minimizing window without process trimming does not work properly.
- Opaque Action. If 'Mouse Drag' is switched on, opaque level changed sharply by mouse moving. Win2000 always 'thinks' windows have no transparency.
+ Hide'n'Show Action. New 'Auto-restoring' feature, allows restore windows by timeout.
- Hide'n'Show Action. Ecsaping of windows from tray.
- Resize action, Homing mode. New center cursor.
- Program Action. Crash when you delete an item.
- Documant work Action. Crash when you delete an item.
+ System menu Action. New menu item 'Minimize without process trimming'. When you use it to minimize window, Operation System does not release memory of progrem.
+ Some new design.
- Redraw after switch action state On/Off.
- Opaque action. Drag mode, 'keep mouse' flag now work correctly.
+ Actions list. Copy/Paste possibility. Copied action is saved between program sessions.
+ Status bar. Show tips and some actions properties.
- Action list. Deleting of action(after trying to set On) provokes many messages.
+ Move and Size Actions. 'No drawing content within moving' option.
+ Move and Size Actions. Discontinuity option.
+ Size Action, Homing mode. New Algorithm.
+ System menu action. New features.
- Kernel mouse logic error fixed.
+ New Magnify action.
+ Size action. New Homing mode for Size Action. You can choose 'middle' of sized window.
+ Default actions set is collected on first start.
- Size action. 'Ignore children' option correctly saved/restored now.
- Extra settings menu hierarchy. More priority items disable others in menu.
+ Screenshots action.
+ Activity switcher.
- No ability now to set action on, when no mouse button was selected to activate this action.
- Creation of new action. Position to new and expanded item.
+ Drag'n'Do feature.
+ Keys combination. Win key is available now.
+ Opaque action. New ability to change opaque - drag mouse up or down.
+ Special options. 5-7 Emulation. Emulation timeout.
+ Special options. 5-7 Emulation. For 5-botton mice 5-emulation enabled.
+ Main toolbar. Expand/collapse.
+ Main window. Inactive actions look gray.
+ Main toolbar. Context menu for toolbar switched Actions. Menu allows do actions without switching.
- Size action. 'Ignore children' option correctly works now.
- Main toolbar. Buttons On/Off switch selected not active item now.
- Resource, handle, registry leaks fixed.
- When main window is inactive, click to system tray activate it first and next click hide main window.
+ 'KeyStrokes' Action.
- 'Hide window'. Fixed. Several bugs.
- Back and forward buttons releasing fixed.
+ Main window position is restored at start now.
- Correct keybord input(enter and delete keys) within renaming of action title bar.
+ 'Taskbar protect' option in 'Hide window' action.
- New/Edit 'Dock work' action fixed (lost file name, when option 'Only for this program' is on)
+ 'System menu' new ability 'Topmost/non-topmost window'.
- Console applications can be hidden correctly now.
- Main toolbar. Stat On and Off applied for all or selected actions(hold mouse down for 0.5sec to select).
- 'New action' dialog position moved to new registry section.
- No mouse deadlock on emulation mode.
+ New 'Document work' action.
+ New design.
+ New user interface.
- Fixed keysrokes checker.
+ Hide'n'Show. Keep in tray: New Live icons option. When hidden programs change own icons, its systray icons will changed too.
It may be useful for windows with icon changing notification.
- Hide'n'Show. Fixed bug: Wrong interacting between options ans 'show' super context menu.
- Hide'n'Show. Fixed bug: when popup windows going to be shown, main window will be hidden.
- Hide'n'Show. Fixed bug: 'keep hidden' flag not set when the AltMove start.
- Resizing algorithm error fixed. There was an error, when window was sized by top and left side.
+ Hide'n'Show. New 'Keep hidden' option. When window left focus, or minimized, then they will be returned to hidden state.
- Hide'n'Show. Wrong info on main window fixed. Every time, you started AltMove, you saw default Hide'n'Show setting, but it worked correctly.
+ Hide and show window by one click.
- Move & size - new algorithm.
- TrayIcon: When the window is vivible and not active, left click on tray icon show it.
- Autorun fixed.
- Opaque startup setting fixed.
- Redrawing within sizing.
+ Opaque changing ability.

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