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HitKey plug-in for Sumka program auncher - Version

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Does simple actions by keystrokes (runs programs and manages windows).

  • Mouse emulation.
    You can emulate mouse by keystrokes. Look here.
  • Launching programs by keystroke.
    You can assign your programs to simple keystrokes and run your programs by it.
  • Managing windows.
    You can assign simple keystroke to manipulate windows, make always-on-top, minimize, maximize or resotore windows.

Quick access thru keystrokes.
Sometimes it is more useful to use keyboard in work instead of mouse. You use Atl+Tab to switch between windows. It would be very good to have more such actions for work with windows! Hitkey will give it to you.

Mouse emulation allows you to:
  • Move mouse pointer and change speed of moving*.
  • Emulate of mouse click, five mouse buttons: left buttom, right button, middle button, back and forward.
  • Emulate of mouse wheel.
  • Choose simple click or kept click, when you can keep mouse pressed after simple keystroke. So, you can move windows without mouse, you can resize windows without mouse, you can drag'n'drop icons, text or others without mouse.
* - You can set one Hot-Key for different speed values of mouse moving. When you press this Hot-Key, speeds will be changed one by one.
Latest changes

Classification: [+] new [-] fix

You can view full list of changes here.
- Mouse emulation
- Parent detection fixed. For example, 'Quest Software' SQL Navigator does not have direct parent.

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