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Main menu

Main menu give you all access to Sumka launcher settings and information.
Main menu can be opened from Traybar: click right mouse button on Sumka launcher icon Sumka launcher icon Also you can open Main menu from the Main panel by click on button with green arrow.

Hotkey and hotmouse

You can use hotkey combination and key-mouse combination to open the Panels in everywhere in you desktop. Hotkey may consist of one button, for example, Gray Dot key. In this case, when you press Gray dot, the Panel is opened, then you may use gray 1-9 keys to select(or press) Buttons in this Panel. End Gray Enter key to press selected button.

You can use Middle mouse button as hot mouse combination. In this case, when the Panel was opened you may use Mouse Wheel to switching between Panels.

Quick access icons
  Or Q-icons. They look like usual icons from desktop. But Q-icons may be placed over all windows. You can create Q-icon for every Button of Sumka launcher by context menu.
Win key?
  What happens with my Win key? The Sumka launcher uses Win key to work with Quick-Icons, by default. You can set this option off in Settings dialog box, tab "Q-icons". When this option is on, Win key may hide Q-icons when you don't need it, and show your Q-icons, when you need it again. Each Q-icon may have own setting of this feature. Use context menu of Q-icons to setup it.

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