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Changes log.

Classification: [+] new [-] fix
- Panels. Corners blinking.
- Wizard. Empty list of system folders.
- Some program icons in Windows 7 are not detected correctly.
+ Customizable fonts for buttons captions.
+ Sumka quick launcher is freeware now.
+ Settings Dialog/Settings Tab. New Option for Startup with Windows setting.
- Startup with Windows failed.
- Some resourses leaks were fixed.
- Configuration dialog. Susspent when create new button.
+ Button settings dialog. Custom setting for left-side bar of panel. User can set colors for left-side bar for each panel. See Button Settings dialog for details.
+ Settings dialog. Setting for left-side part of panels and menus. See main Settings dialog -> Skins tab for details.
+ New design
+ 'Big Buttons' are available now. See 'Settings- Text and Icon'
+ Settings. The title of main panel can be set now.
+ Button settings dialog. New design.
- System folders. Fail, when navigated by keybord, fixed.
- Hot-mouse. Lock some mouse activity, when used. Fixed.
+ System folder. Window use some standart paths as System folder, like Desktop or Programs menu. You can assign launching buttons to these folders now.
+ Right mouse button dragging. You can use right mouse button to move Sumka panels.
- Buttons. Buttons don't flick now when a mouse move above.
- Buttons. Mouse wheel input is owned bu Sumka, when one of panel is opened.
- Button setting dilaog. When you set 'Popup', 'Geoup run' is dsabled. Fixed.
- Button setting dilaog. You can't reset 'Popup' state for empty button. Fixed.
+Skins. Highlighting for keyboard switching focus.
+ Skins. Previewer was added. Now, you can select skins options, press apply button and see changings.
+ Sking. Highlight color. Now you can select highlight color.
- Running programs. Resource leaking fixed.
- Hotkey queue. Fail after deleting of button with hotkey.
+ Settings dialog. Button for sound events setup.
- Configuration dialog. Add new button to empty panel fail after Ok or Cancel.
+ Wizard dialog was changed.
+ Wizard dialog was changed.
+ functionality: launching group of files/documents.
+ functionality: opening folders.
+ configuration: wizard.
+ info: info screen.
- registered applications: dialog do not close settings dialog.
- registered applications: correct 32-bits icons.
- quick icons: correct 16x16 icons drawing.
+ Panels: mouse highlighting.
+ Graphics: using new graphics for menus and dialogs.
- Panels: switching between panels was fixed.
+ Settings dialog was changed.
- Button setup dialog. Resource leak within browsing for files.
- q-icons. When was shown, has keyboard focus.
+ q-icons. Shift+F10 call context menu.
- q-icons. New arrow-key navigation algorithm.
- Support XP styles.
- Win-key feature do not initiated without hot-mouse.
- Window hot-keys with win-key do not intersepted.
+ Menu-key available as single hot-key for quick-icon now.
+ New interface.
+ New button dialog. Extraction file description as title.
+ Button setting dialog. File info button.
- Correct button alignment.
- Q-Icons. After closing main setting dialog, if no changes was made in q-icons section q-icons do not changes its' states to default states.
- Q-Icons. Context menu was changed.
+ Skin setting dialog. Interface changed.
+ Skin setting dialog. Internet browsing for skins and backgroung added.
- SettingsButtons. Size of main panel recalculated after texticon visibility applied.
+ Button context menu called by Shift-F10.
+ Skins and background. See Settings menu, tab 'Skins'.
- Play sound optimized.
- Old popup panel closed before new opened.
- Panel popup optimized.
- Icon choosing dialog. Empty icon choose error fixed.
+ New menu item 'Add -> New panel' in button context menu. This item add new popup button and place new command button inside it automatically.
- XP: fatal error, when 'html'-file was choosen for command button.
- Correct key list in hot-key dialog. And new keys added.
+ New button added and placed inside automatically, when you create new popup button.
- Q-Icons: Button setting menu is working now for all buttons.
+ Sound event 'PopupPanel'. Play sound, when panel with buttons popup. Sound event 'TaskRun'. Play sound, when binded to button application start. To set sound event see system settings: 'Sound and Multimedia' Sound Events Sumka Launcher
- Correct Cut/Copy/Paste mechanism.
+ Icon choose dialog: choosing icons from different files. To choose file, click first tab on tab-header, and then click 'browse' button.
+ System: system metrics binding.
- Behavior: correct scrolling for if hot-order consist of one button.
+ Behavior: when 'keep mouse scroll' is on, mouse pointer kept on panel area instead of top-left corner
+ Interface: new button setting dialog.
+ Functionality: main panel context menu has new submenu 'Add button...'
+ Functionality: menu 'Add button...' has new item 'Applications' which allow choose a program from registered program list. Also, registered prorgam list can be raised from button setting dialog.

- Button setting dialog: cmd-line is not cleaned, wnen press 'popup' button.
+ Icon choose dialog: double click choose icon and close dialog.
+ Icon choose dialog: selected icon has highlighted phone.
+ Button context menu: right click select button.
- InstallShield: uninstall delete non-default program path.
- Settings: popup arrows are drown by default.
- Settings: 'Keep mouse scroll' is set on by default.
- Settings: 'Simple menu' is set on by default.
+ Behavior: After button setting dialog closed, mouse cursor positioned on top-left corner of button's panel.
+ Settings: Simple tooltip (is set off by default).
- Correct hot-order within Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete.
- Correct Cut/Copy/Paste mechanism.
- Resourceleak into Q-Icons.
+ Using arrow buttons and enter to navigate Q-Icons.
- Memoryleak into tooltips.
- Run from registry.
9x/ME. Correct main menu in simple mode.

+ When program run suspended, tray icon chenged to working star until run process complete.
+ Wnen Sumka can not run document, it run choose aplication dialog.
+ Copy. See context menu.
+ Sumka_paste. See contex menu. Available after Copy or Cut.
+ Added some new hotkeys and old fixed.
- No checking for NT family.
- Q-Icons do not 'lose' image.
- Recognizing of plug-ins' flags for having button in main menu and having tab in Setting window.
- Set up icon and label for plug-in in Setting window.
- Correct count of plug-ins' setting tabs.
- Creating first new button rise exception.
- Memoryleak with fonts and resourses.


+ Icons in context menu.
+ 'Minimize on statrup' is three state option. third state(grayed) mean, main panel last state will restored next time when sumka start.
+ Enter click button.
+ Gray 1-9 used to choose/click button. Optioned.
+ Simple main menu available. See 'Behavior'-options.
- 'keep mouse scroll' & 'keep mouse popup' options do not align panel when you click on q-icons and popup-butttons on main panel.
- Command q-icon open by double click when Q-Icon setting 'Popup one click' is set.
- Rised panel always has focus now(?).
- Rised panel always has button highlighted by dotted rectangle.
- After button click, first panel closed, and then program executed.
- Using system font colour for text.
- After button click, all buttons closed before panel closed.
- Windows-like title bar.
- Win+Click on hidden q-icons do not suspend win-button.
- when panel closed, all buttons have been destroyed.
- ! option 'Draw popup' moved to 'Buttons'-tab, ini-file structure changed.

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