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Changes log.

Classification: [+] new [-] fix

+ Setting dialog. Main menu - 'Setting'
+ Timer(remainder) is available now. Start timer from main menu.
+ Main and Serv panels is resizable now.
+ Programs with params and which need work directory is runable now.
+ Window's and icons' positons save now.
+ Hotkey combination may be edited in ini-file ('ctrl-[space]' as default).
+ Serv panels is moveble by mous now (for if it is long).
- Fixed loosing memory by font of buttons.
+ About box was changed.
+ Quit process was changed.
+ Reposition of main window is posible now. Use mouse no move it.If mouse pointer drag window to edge (top, left and right) It will be hidden afteredges. Else it will be minimized to thin window right on current position and will berestored when mouse will be over.
+ Added making quick-icon on desktop by right-clicking on free part of panel.
- Edges position constraints fixed.

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