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Changes log.

Classification: [+] new [-] fix
- Windows 10. Capture tool.
+ Tree tab. New context menu. Allows to open new ruler for selected window and has some quick modifying items.
- Tree tab. Long redraw issues.
+ Font Tab. Own window for each tried font. + Typing.
+ Pos Tab. Get parent automatically.
- Pos Tab. Correct rect recalculation.
+ When started, opens one new window ruler automatically.
+ 'Post' button on 1st Tab (Msg) for posting messages.
- 'Pos' - tab - correct position.
- 'Font'. A lot of bug was fixed, font names were added.
+ 'Pos' - ID of control - get and set.
+ 'Menu' - New tab for work with menus.
+ 'Timer' - New tab for work with timers.
+ Main window - icons for tabs.
+ New toolbar.
+ Highlight invisible and thin windows.
++ MSG Tab. 'Looking for invisible' button with program icon. True Diver. True++.
+ MSG Tab. Second 'show window' pair.
- FONT Tab. [Get] button available and work.
+ MENU Tab. New four buttons, for enable/disable and check/uncheck all menu items.

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